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"...buying organic, shade-tree, bird friendly coffee is an everyday act of mindful consumerism that can actually make a difference for both biodiversity and poor peasant farmers..."

Editorial: The New York Times
(July 5, 1999 page A15)

--Plight of the Vanishing Songbirds
Low Prices Threaten Coffee Farmers' Livelihood, Report Says
 About Fair Trade
- Recent Fair Trade NEWS
 - Article in Fair Trade Coffee Urged on Campuses
- Atlanta Constitution About Migratory Birds and Coffee
Dark Side of Coffee, An Article in SF Chronicle
- A great story explaining the connection between songbirds and cappuccino..

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Caf Canopy, a specialty gourmet coffee, is a blend of shade grown, Fair Trade and organic coffees from Central and South America.  The unique dark tones stand out and are accented by sweetness and a lingering smoky flavor.

Traditional shade tree growing methods provide a natural habitat for a diverse range of migratory birds.  With each sip of this full bodied and flavorful coffee you will appreciate Caf Canopy's organic shade growing and roasting processes.  You'll also know you're helping to maintain an equitable partnership between birds, farmers, consumers and the environment.  Our Bird Friendly blend of shade grown coffees are sourced through Elan Organic Coffee Company, pioneers of certified shade organic and Fair Trade coffee and we are endorsed by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center.  In addition, for every pound of Caf Canopy that you purchase, we contribute twenty five cents to the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center.

We only offer  Triple Certified coffees 
... from TREE to CUP...

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