Café Canopy's Mission Statement:

Café Canopy will supply the finest certified Organic Coffee in the world supporting equitable partnerships between consumers, farmers and the environment; while maintaining a profitable company.



Café Canopy is more than just a coffee importer.  We are organic coffee developers.  By offering certified shade grown, organic and fair trade coffees, Café Canopy supports a complex set of goals.  Café Canopy's programs support the economic, environmental and social responsibilities of growing coffee.  Our objective is to maintain an equitable partnership between consumers, farmers and the environment. 

Café Canopy is the pioneer in the development and supply of certified organic programs.  We manage the entire audit trail in which coffee is grown, processed and delivered.  Café Canopy offers the largest supply and highest quality of green and roasted coffee available from 8 countries: Peru, Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador, Colombia, Papua New Guinea, Costa Rica and East Timor.   All of Café Canopy's coffees are certified organic by an independent third party certifying organization.  These agencies perform annual inspections at each stage of the coffee production.

"Triple Certified  From Tree to Cup"

Café Canopy works directly with small farmer cooperatives to help them receive a fair price for their harvest and maintain their economic independence.  
Café Canopy
promotes shade grown, sustainable farming methods that protect the land and improve the living conditions.


Contact Information

Address P.O.Box 910521
San Diego, CA 92191
Tel.: (858) 271-9392
Fax.: (510) 217-2319

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