The Cafe Canopy Rewards Program!

At Cafe Canopy we pride our self on the high quality Triple Certified Organic coffee that we sell, and the devoted customer following that we have attained.  That is why we have created the Canopy Rewards Program.  The Rewards Program was developed so that you can benefit from referring your Friends to Cafe Canopy.  You also earn points each time you place an order at Café Canopy.


How it works:

The Rewards Program is quite simple and you can take advantage of it immediately. You can view your accumulated points at any time by logging into Cafe Canopy, Points will be displayed in the menu bar to the right of the shopping cart.  Here is how the Rewards Program works:

Earning Points:

  • Each time you refer a friend to Café Canopy through our “Invite a Friend” program you earn 10 Rewards Point.
  • Each time you place an order at Cafe Canopy you earn 1 Reward Point for EVERY dollar spent.
  • When your "referred friend(s)" place(s) their first order at Café Canopy you earn
    10 Reward Points.
  • Each time thereafter your "referred friend(s)"  return(s) to Café Canopy and
    place(s) additional orders you earn 5 Reward Points

Redeeming Points:

  • Redeem your reward point immediately!  Once you have earned Rewards Points you can redeem them immediately on your next order at Cafe Canopy. Each item in our shopping cart has been assigned a Reward Points value – upon check you can apply your points directly to your order.

Applying Points:

  • When you have finished placing your order and click on "Pay Now" your Points will be displayed along with the items that you are purchasing and the point value for each item.  Simply select the item or items that you wish to apply the points to and proceed with your check out.  If you have earned enough points for all of the items in your shopping cart your order and shipping will be free. Unused points will be saved for your next purchase at Café Canopy