What It Means To Be Fair.

Is Your Community Involved?

If your favorite coffee shop doesn't already sell Triple Certified Organic coffee there are a few things you can do to help  make the coffee shop right around the corner a bit more eco-friendly.  We have created a small note card you can hand to barista behind the counter or directly to the shop owner. You can print out  these cards by clicking here.  

Also if you e-mail us contact information about your favorite coffee shop including Name, Address, and Phone number we will send information regarding Certified Organic, Fair Trade & Bird Friendly coffee to the owner or manager.


Cafe Canopy is pleased to announce that it will be introducing a Coffee Club by the end of May.  In the Canopy Club you will be able to schedule repeat orders for Triple Certified Cafe Canopy Coffee at any interval you choose.  Also when you sign up for the Canopy Club you will receive a discount on your purchases.





Guatemala Atilan

Our first single origin coffee!

Available for a limited time. $9.00

We are pleased to offer this Triple Certified Guatemalan varietal.  Guatemala Atilan coffee comes from the Western Highlands in Guatemala.  Grown at an altitude of 4,500 to 5,000 feet -this coffee sparkles with a bright acidity and a snappy fruit and smoke aroma. This Triple Certified coffee is grown by the La Voz cooperative which is made up of 200 members and families. Certified organic since 1992, the La Voz co-op takes great pride in producing this exceptional Guatemalan Coffee. Guatemala Atilan is one of the finest and most exceptional coffees the world over.

 Available for a limited time. $9.00


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There are thousands of charities and foundations around the globe striving to make a beneficial impact on the world.  From saving endangered species to providing food to those in need - several of these organizations have succeeded to make small yet vital progress.  Although the contributions of every foundation is fundamental to preserving our environment, none have quite the impact potential as Fair Trade.

The Fair Trade concept originated in Europe in 1988 and strives to provide farmers and their families a fair price for the goods that they produce. In action, the Fair Trade concept makes an attempts to stabilize the price of goods received by primary producers.  While Fair Trade can be applied to products ranging from Fruits to Spices - Fair Trade coffee will undoubtedly make the largest impression on farmers around the globe.  Next to Oil, coffee is the second largest traded commodity the world over - additionally with out political organizations like OPEC to govern price fluctuations - coffee is also considered the most volatile commodity.  While price fluctuations rarely  make a dramatic effect on US consumers - the impact can be devastating to coffee farmers.  Currently coffee prices are at an eight year low and coffee farmers are often forced to sell their coffee to middlemen who typically pay the farmers $0.30 to $0.50 per pound.

Receiving such low prices coffee farmers struggle to meet daily necessities and often forgo housing, health care, education and sustainable food.  For coffee farmers around the world it is an ongoing daily struggle with little or no certainty of the future. To learn more visit TransFair USA at www.Transfair.com.

The efforts of Fair Trade supporters has begun to break through dilemma and provide hope for farmers.  Fair Trade organizations work directly with coffee producers bypassing middlemen, and guaranteeing a fixed price of a $1.27 per pound to the farmer - well above today's market price.  Each member in the coffee supply chain - from importer, roaster, and consumer - helps to absorb a portion of this cost which essentially equates to an insignificant amount for businesses and consumers, yet results in dramatic impacts on coffee farmers.  The Fair Trade program also assists farmers with marketing assistance and credit lending, and rewards farmers who choose environmentally beneficial programs such as Organic certification.

The track record for Fair Trade coffee has been impressive.  Certified Fair Trade coffee is available in 19 countries around the world. In the United States alone nearly $4 million in additional income has been generated for thousands of coffee farmers. While over 5 million pounds of coffee have been certified in the United States since the introduction of Fair Trade coffee in 1999 - in short we haven't even seen the tip of the ice berg.  Fair Trade coffee is the fastest growing segment of the Specialty Coffee Industry, last years sales alone reached over 2 million pounds, and we can optimistically look forward to reaching the level of sales experienced in Europe where the average annual sales exceed 25 million pounds.